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Best British Slang

Автор: Екатерина Басина
Добавлено: 2016-09-08 15:44:01

Самые британские штуки

British slang is a type of English slang which originated in the UK or is used by British expats in other Anglophone countries. Some slang is common for all of the UK, while other is only used in certain regions, for example London’s rhyming slang (Cockney).

Today we are looking at common British slang – once you learn it, it’ll be much easier to understand British TV series or comedy! Warning: this article may contain racial stereotypes so we recommend sensitive people to stop reading right now!

When you go outside one of these days, you may discover that the weather is brass monkeys. Perhaps you will have to put on two bloody sweaters AND a bloody hat. In bloody September! 

You might decide to get a few sherbets with your mates after work. Be careful, or you can end up trollied or even chunder right on the street! Pavement pizza! Nice one

Any road, you wake up in your own bed. But you’re absolutely knackered from all that drinking! You vaguely remember you had a kerfuffle with a taxi driver, you refused to pay until he took you straight to your apartment.

In the morning, you go to the car park. Your hair is scruffy and you look zonked. You think about skiving off work for a moment, but then you shun the idea away. You come up to a man on the street to bum a fag.

Everything’s hunky-dory. It’s just the weather.

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